Splitters and Summings – IV

Sync and Word Clock Fig. 1 When we talk about digital audio we will see in more detail the importance of a correct and stable Word Clock, for the moment let's just understand its importance in connecting digital audio equipment. Each digital connection has a generally green LED (as seen in Figure 1, defined as … Continue reading Splitters and Summings – IV


Splitters and Summings – III

Notes on managing outputs in Stage Box - Digital Splitters Whether Audio Splitter or Passive Stage Box, Active or Digital, some optimal connection solutions as needed are: Connect the monitor outputs according to the given position, for configurations at groups of the Stage Box – Splitter. If Splitters are analog passive or active the only … Continue reading Splitters and Summings – III

Splitters and Summings – II

Active Analog Audio Splitter Unlike the passive ones, very often the Active Audio Splitters are separate modules that are not part of the Stage Box, they need external power supply to be able to operate as they have amplification circuits. They exclusively have XLR inputs and copies thereof always with balanced XLR output, because their … Continue reading Splitters and Summings – II

Splitters and Summings – I

Audio Splitter The Audio Splitter (fig. 1 and 2) is a useful tool when you need to divide an audio signal into multiple parts and also seen as a D.I. Box can be in some cases a Splitter. For example, in a live situation where you have the F.O.H (front of house mixer). (for mixing … Continue reading Splitters and Summings – I